2~12 cores Ribbon Fiber Stripper Ribbon Thermal Stripper Ribbon Hot Stripper
    Publish time 2020-08-31 17:44    

GW-220  2-12 Core Ribbon Fiber Optical Stripper Ribbon Thermal Stripper Ribbon Hot Stripper


  • Suitable for stripping 2-12 core ribbon fiber, compact and light; 

  •  Using linear bearing guidance and hot stripping methods to ensure no damage to the optical fiber;

  •  Easy to strip the coating layer, high stripping efficiency and quality 

  • Able to stripping the whole ribbon fiber and  window stripping; 

  •  The blade is durable and easy to replace.



This unit has the overall function of stripping and window strip

Applicable Fiber

2~ 12 cores ribbon fiber

Stripped Length

Max 30mm

Heating Mode


Normal mode

Power-saving mode

Temperature Setting

Four Temperature: 70℃,80℃,90℃,100℃

Fiber Clamped Mode

Serials of clamps: FH-1,FH-2,FH-4,FH-8,FH-12

Power Supply

DC 12V power supply using the adaptor conversion


118.5(L) X 46(D) X 31.5(H) mm



Environmental requirements

Humidity below 85% %