GW820 China Made Single Fiber Fusion Splicer
    Publish time 2020-12-30 10:11    

Product Descriptions: 

       GW820 Single Fiber Fusion Splcier adopts a high-speed image processing technology and special precision positioning technology. The whole processes of fiber fusion splicing can be automatically completed within 9 seconds. Provided with TFT color LCD display, the screen is protected by high strength protective panel. User-friendly graphical interface is convenient for efficient and quick operation by the user. High performance battery can realize online charging continuously in the work, to get a longer battery life. No manual arc calibration operation is needed. The machine has real time splice arc control and correction functions. In extreme environment, the machine can also effectively ensure the splice quality of optical fiber. The machine is featured with fast splice speed, less splice loss, light weight, portable, applicable to backbone network, metropolitan network and FTTH project.


Fiber Type

SM (G652  &G657), MM(G651), DS(G653), NZDS(G655)

Actual Splicing  Loss

0.02dBSM 0.01dBMM0.04dB (DS/NZDS)

Control  Technique

Real-time  control and correction of welding arc; Self-adaptation within working  environment; Self-adaptive electrode oxidation

Return Loss

Better than 60dB

Tube Typical  Splicing Time

9S (Standard SM)

Tube Typical  Splicing Time

20S (Heating  time can be set. Heating temperature can be adjusted)

Fiber Aligning  Method

Meticulous;  Core; Clad; Manual

Fiber Diameter

Clad Diameter is  80 ~ 150μ m; Coating100 ~ 1000μ m

Cutting Length

Coating layer250μm: 8 ~ 16 mm; Coating 250 ~ 1000μm: 16mm

Heat-shrinkable  Sleeve

60mm, 40mm and a  series of thermal sleeves

Tension Test

Standard 2N (can  choose)

Fiber Clamp

Suitable for  Bare fiber, Tail fiber, Jumper wire, Leather wire

Fiber Image  Magnification

300X (X-axis or  Y-axis); 150X (X-axis and Y-axis)

Graphical  Display

3.5Inch TFT  Color LCD, can be flipped, convenient bidirectional operation

External Port

USB 2.0  interface, convenient for data download, using U disk upgrade software

Splicing Program

100(User Mode);  53(Factory Mode)

Heating Program

40 (User Mode);  11 (Factory Mode)

Fusion Splicing  Record

Saved 10000  groups splicing results.100 sets of latest Images

Internal battery

Lithium battery  12.5V power supply (10.8V storage), independent charger, charging time ≤3.5,  heating time no less than 350 Times (Typical)

Power Supply

Power supply  connector, external adapter (Import AC:AC100~240V,50/60Hz, 0~1.5A, Export DC:  DC13.5v/4.8A)

Working  environment

Temp: -10~50℃Hum:0~95%RH

Elevation:0~5000M;  Resist the maximum wind speed: ≤ 15m/s

High-brightness  lights

Convenient for  placing the fiber at night


122mm  (Length)x148mm (Width)x130mm (Height)


1.44kg (Without  Battery).1.77kg (With Battery)

Standard Package: