Mini OTDR Launch Cable Fiber Ring
    Publish time 2020-12-03 10:14    

China make mini OTDR Launch Cable Fiber Ring       

Product Description

OTDR Fiber ring /OTDR launch cable is used to assist the OTDR to test the fiber optic internet. GOVO TELECOM supplies the OEM&ODM service of the OTDR fiber ring, connectors and fiber types customized possible.

OTDR Fiber ring used with an OTDR to minimize the event dead zone and to allow measurement of the complete link loss of a fiber. Without an OTDR launch cable, the initial length of fiber and initial connector remain hidden. Top quality fiber optic launch cables serve as both a launch cable and a receive cable. When connected to the OTDR and to the link under test they can disclose the insertion loss and reflectance of both near-end and far-end fiber connections allowing end-to-end loss measurement. Also known as launch cords, launch leads, receive cables, fiber optic launch cables and fiber rings, these low cost OTDR launch cables are available in both multimode fiber and single mode Corning fiber versions. They are offered in a selection of lengths depending on need. It is suggested that the OTDR launch cable be slightly longer than the dead zone. Each OTDR launch cable features 1-meter pigtails, a portable lightweight ring design and a repositionable carabiner.


  • Compact, rugged, lightweight

  • 150m, 300m,500m, and 1000m lengths

  • Available with a variety of connector styles

  • Fits easily in OTDR cases or kits


  • For use as OTDR launch cable

  • For use as OTDR receive cable

  • Measure insertion loss and reflectance of near- and far-end connections of a fiber optic link using an OTDR

  • Use to test link loss with an OTDR


Connector  Type

SC, LC, FC, ST, E2000 (customized)

Grinding end-face




Cable Diameters

0.9/2.0/3.0mm customized

Fiber mode


Fiber lengths*

150m, 300m, 500m 1000m or  customized

Fiber lengths*: Fiber Rings with 150 m of fiber are ideal for premises fiber network test applications.

Fiber Rings with 500 m or 1 km of single-mode fiber are designed for broadband, long-haul fiber network test applications.