GW3305N Fiber Optic Identifier
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GW3305N Fiber Optic Identifier

Product Description

GW3305N Optical Fiber Identifier is an essential instrument for the installation and maintenance of optical fiber projects. It can easily detect any spot of SM fiber cables. Through inserting a 1310 or 1550 modulated signal into the fiber, it is used to indicate the direction of the transmitting signals, find and locate the specific fiber without interrupting the normal work during the installation, cabling and maintenance.


Ÿ   4 easy-change chucks for bare fiber, patch cords and ribbon fiber

Ÿ   Identifies 3 common test tones

Ÿ   Identifies dominant traffic direction, audible alarm

Ÿ   Approximate core power reading

Ÿ   Low false detection and insertion loss

Ÿ   Very easy to operate

Ÿ   Battery low indication


Ÿ   Telecom Projects

Ÿ   Optical Fiber CATV

Ÿ   Generic cabling system

Ÿ   Production and research of optical components




Identified Wavelength range (nm)


Detector Type

InGaAs (2pcs)

Identified Signal Type



Optical Power

Detection sensitivity


Adapter Type

Φ 0.25 to test bare fiber, Φ0.9 ribbon,

Φ 2.0/3.0 pigtail

Insertion Loss (dB)

Φ0.25~Φ0.9: 0.1

Φ2.0~Φ2.5: 0.5

Φ2.5~Φ3.0: 1.0

Signal Direction

Left & Right LED

Power Supply

1* 9V alkaline battery

Operating Temperature()


Storage Temperature()




Dimension (mm)


Standard Package

1.Fiber Identifier 1 piece

2. Adapter       3 pcs

3. Soft carrying bag 

4. Outer package: by carton